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Korean Graduate Student Association is the organization of the Korean graduate students, research staff, post-docs, professors, visiting scholars, and visiting professors at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The KGSA aims to promote unity and harmony among Korean people at UCSD and to support them in various ways. The main activities of the organization include assisting new incoming students with settlement, holding seasonal/ holiday/ sports events, and providing members with various kinds of useful information on the job market and life around campus. We welcome any kind of supports or contributions from individuals, organizations, and companies that could further consolidate the Korean community at UCSD and contribute to sound relationship between our members and society in general.


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Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA) Principal Members
Taewoo Kimtak086@ucsd.edu
Yikyung Yuyiy014@ucsd.edu
Hooseok Leehol146@ucsd.edu
YUJIN PARKy4park@ucsd.edu
Yun Joon Sohyjsoh@ucsd.edu
Byung Hoon Ahnb2ahn@ucsd.edu
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Kristen  Berg 
Kristen Berg
Student Org Advisor & Vendor Fair Promotions
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