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The purposes of the Raza Graduate Student Association (RGSA) are to: 1) increase unity among graduate students of color, particularly Latinx/Chicanax students, at UCSD 2) promote graduate education to Latinx/Chicanax undergraduate student populations, and recruit them for graduate school at UCSD 3) provide a community, resources, and a social network for graduate students of color at UCSD 4) increase awareness and educate on different Latinx populations and history (RGSA is a not-for-profit organization.)


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Raza Graduate Student Association Principal Members
Camila Gavincgavin@ucsd.edu
Miguel Castanedam4castaneda@ucsd.edu
Kevan Aguilark3aguilar@ucsd.edu
Philomena Lopez Rivaspjlopezrivas@ucsd.edu
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Ann Hawthorne 
Ann Hawthorne

To get involved and learn more about this student organization please contact the Principal Members above by email directly.

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